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Advanced Link Stats 1.4.3 Available for Download

Posted 2010-07-27 in News

Advanced Link Stats 1.4.3 is now available from phpLinkBid. This free update fixes several important bugs in Advanced Link Stats.

You can download Advanced Link Stats 1.4.3 from your phpLinkBid account in the Downloads section.

To upgrade to Advanced Link Stats 1.4.3, download the "Changed Files Only" version, then just upload the new files to your site and you're finished. See the install.txt included with your download for instructions. There are no template changes required, just upload the new files. Of course, remember to backup your files before any upgrade.

For new installations, download the latest full version and follow the normal installation instructions.

Changes in Advanced Link Stats 1.4.3

So, what exactly does this update include?

  • Fixed: Google Indexed Pages
  • Fixed: Google PageRank
  • Fixed: MSN Indexed Pages (now using Bing results)

We will be releasing another upgrade in the future along with phpLinkBid 1.6 release to add much additional functionality and statistics, as well as removing Technorati in favor of more useful stats.

Please contact us with any questions on the upgrade, feedback, or bug reports.


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