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phpLinkBid Forums are Back!

Posted 2010-09-14 in News

phpLinkBid has just completed a significant upgrade to the phpLinkBid Forums. We are happy to announce that the forums are back online, and better than ever!

Everyone's patience has been greatly appreciated over the long wait. We promise to stick around for good this time, and make future upgrades nice and fast. The recent updates have brought many improvements to the forums, and also many subtle changes. We'll be making some more adjustments and improvements quietly over the next few weeks, and invite your feedback to help improve on the forums.

Everybody's profiles, posts and PMs should all be perfectly intact.We took special care to preserve everybody's account fully, but we'll keep an eye out for any issues if they do arise.

Thank you very much for your participation in the forums. It's exciting to open up our community of phpLinkBid users again; especially all of the great ideas, MODs, themes, and contributions that you have all made.

See you in the forums!


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