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The phpLinkBid Development Blog is here to bring regular updates on behind-the-scenes phpLinkBid development details for avid phpLinkBid users and mod developers. If you're a serious phpLinkBid user and/or Web developer involved with phpLinkBid you can get the latest scoop on upcoming code right here.
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Major Hurdles in 1.6 Development

Posted 2009-04-22 in Development

If you checked out the blog lately, you might already know about some big changes with a WYSIWYG editor coming in phpLinkBid 1.6. At the risk of being hunted down and strangled by one of our many anxious users for being forced to wait even longer, I made the move to TinyMCE as the editor platform for phpLinkBid 1.6 and all future Kytoo scripts. After weeks of work, it nearly puts Wordpress to shame.
Why do I say that? Many people familiar with Wordpress are already used to using TinyMCE -...

WYSIWYG and phpLinkBid 1.6

Posted 2009-03-27 in Development

Several months ago I selected the Xinha editor as the platform for the new WYSIWYG editor in phpLinkBid. I then set off on what amounted to 15-20 hours of development time customizing Xinha. I'm now faced with a big decision - to drop Xinha and all this work in favor of TinyMCE.
A WYSIWYG editor is one of the big improvements in the upcoming version. It will make it much easier and faster to update pages, and users with no HTML experience can have some control over formatting. It isn't...

New phpLinkBid Development Blog

Posted 2009-03-24 in Development

Today we launch the new phpLinkBid Development Blog. This new section of our blog provides the latest scoop on phpLinkBid development for avid users and phpLinkBid developers. phpLinkBid has become a standard platform for thousands of directories, and as we grow it brings new challenges to the development process. We hope to keep you in the loop as much as possible, and look forward to the feedback and ideas from our users.
Our newest version is tackling many new challenges that directories...


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