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The Problem With Directories & How They Will Survive

Posted 2009-02-11 in Directories

Years ago, it was common for a friend or colleague to send me the URL of a cool directory they found - excited to share this collection of gold nuggets all in one place. It's not that search engines weren't good enough - I could obviously go on Google and type "cool scripts" if I wanted some cool scripts. But someone already spent 5 hours digging through Google and putting together all of their favorites -- that's a major time saver! There might even be some great links that I...

Bid Directories and Fake Bids, Fake PageRank, Dropped Domains

Posted 2008-12-30 in Directories

How do you know which bid directories to trust? Should you really bid on that brand new PR 8 directory? These are important questions when you're submitting to a bid directory. This guide shows you how to spot the signs of a bogus bid directory, and explains how directory owners can build trust with their users.
Fake Bids
Fake bids are the nastiest scam around. The great
appeal of link bid directories is that an advertiser can control their
position with their investment. When bid...


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