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Our guides and how-to articles will help you run a more successful bid directory. Learn more about starting, running and promoting your link bidding directory with this series phpLinkBid Guides designed just for you.
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The Ultimate Newbie's Guide to phpLinkBid

Posted 2008-11-17 in Guides

This is the ultimate guide for launching a profitable bidding directory with phpLinkBid. It takes you step by step through planning, building, customizing and promoting your site to guarantee success in the exciting world of bid directories.
Beginners will find all the basics covered in this guide, and experienced phpLinkBid users will find a comprehensive review of the essentials.
Getting Started
If you're new to Web directories, read The Web Directory Primer first. If you're...

The Web Directory Primer

Posted 2008-11-15 in Guides

The Web Directory Primer is a thorough introduction to Web directories. Anybody involved with Web directories or interested in directories will benefit from this article. We'll explain the different types of Web directory in simple terms, and discuss the role of each one in online search and business.
What is a Web Directory?
A Web directory is an organized index of Web sites.
Just like the yellow pages in a phone book lists businesses by category, Web directories organize Web site...


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