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Interview with Link Bid Critic

Posted 2008-11-06 in The Latest Buzz

Just a few days ago the guys at Link Bid Critic contacted me with some questions about phpLinkBid and the history behind it. Just hop over to Link Bid Critic for the entire interview. Thanks for the questions!

Interview with Bidpreneur Directory Blog

Posted 2008-07-30 in The Latest Buzz

Recently Ivan Widjaya was kind enough to invite me for a phpLinkBid Q&A session on his blog.
Many folks are curious about how many phpLinkBid sites are really out there now, where this whole bid directory thing is going, and how Webmasters are dealing with SPAM and irrelevant link submissions.
Thanks to Ivan's questions we have a few more answers in this phpLinkBid interview with Bidpreneur Directory Blog.

phpLinkBid Directory Script on Directory Blogger

Posted 2008-07-14 in The Latest Buzz

Directory Blogger has posted a new blog about their experiences with phpLinkBid.

Have you thought about opening up your own bidding directory, or adding a bidding directory to your directory portfolio? If this is the case, then you are certainly looking at various scripts to run a bid directory. And you are getting advice or help from at least a few people about which script to go with. So let me help you out in making your decision, as surely you want your bidding directory to be...

Interview with

Posted 2007-05-28 in The Latest Buzz

Thanks to Directories Forum for the recent interview on phpLinkBid, directories and business in general. Loredan was kind enough to invite me for some important questions on bid directories and some less important questions about my own life. ;)
For many details on phpLinkBid history, the growth of phpLinkBid and bid directories, SPAM, future versions of phpLInkBid and more read the full interview at Directories Forum.


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