phpLinkBid Link Effects Manual v1.0

This document contains instructions and information on phpLinkBid Link Effects, and is the official manual for phpLinkBid Link Effects v1.0.

  1. Installing Link Effects
    1. Installing For ALS
    2. Installing For Custom Themes
  2. Manage Effects
  3. Manage Upgrades
  4. Troubleshooting

Installing Link Effects

* You should always backup your web site and database before making changes.

In a nutshell, you can install Link Effects in just a few steps:

  1. Upload Link Effects to your phpLinkBid site, overwriting existing files.
  2. Visit `` to complete installation.

For complete installation instructions, continue reading.

Link Effects requires the latest version of phpLinkBid. If necessary, upgrade phpLinkBid to the latest version before continuing. Basic knowledge of FTP and an FTP client will be needed to upload the software to your server.

Download the latest version of phpLinkBid to your computer in .ZIP format from your phpLinkBid Account. Unzip the file on your desktop or somewhere easy to remember. You should now have a folder named (where `x.x` is the version number).

Using your favorite FTP client, upload the contents of the folder named `upload` to your Web server where you have phpLinkBid installed. Remember to upload the files in the `upload` folder, not the entire folder itself. Overwrite any existing files.

Now load up your favorite browser and head to:

(Make sure you replace `` with the URL where you have phpLinkBid installed.)

The installer will guide you through the rest of the process. Make sure you delete the `install` folder when complete.

Link Effects is pre-installed with 10 effects for you to use. Only 3 of these effects are enabled by default, but you can log in to admin and preview, enable, and edit all of these effects. Please see Managing Effects for help.

Installing For ALS

If you already have Advanced Link Stats add-on installed on your site, you must also upload the contents of the `als` folder contained in your download. Upload the contents of the `als` folder, overwriting existing files.

The `als` folder contains different versions of two important template files for the default `phplb` theme. If you're using a different theme, upload the files `link.tpl` and `links.tpl` contained in the `als/tpl/phplb/` folder to your actual theme folder.

Installing For Custom Themes

Link Effects changes several phpLinkBid template files. If you are using a custom theme you must upload the Link Effects template files to the correct theme folder. None of the core layout templates or styles are changed, so for most custom themes you can just replace the existing files.

It is highly recommended that you backup your custom theme before making any changes. To install the new Link Effects templates upload the contents of the `upload/tpl/phplb/` folder from the download to your custom theme folder, overwriting existing files.

If you experience any problems integrating Link Effects with your custom theme you should visit the Link Effects Forum for further help.

Manage Effects

You can view, preview, create, edit and manage all your link effects from phpLinkBid Admin > Link Effects > Manage Effects.

  • To preview link effects in action, tick the checkbox next to each effect.
  • To edit existing link effects, click the `edit` link next to each effect.
  • To create your own link effect, click Create Effect and fill in the details.

Each link effect has a title, name, price, and several options for display as well as the option to enable/disable it on your site. Each effect provides you with six fields to enter your HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript code. The code will then be embedded in each upgraded link!

Link Effects Code Fields
Link Title Starting HTML HTML added directly before the link <a> tag.
Link Title Ending HTML HTML added directly after the link </a> tag.
Link Starting HTML HTML added directly after the link <a> tag.
Link Ending HTML HTML added directly before the link </a> tag.
Row Starting HTML HTML added directly before the link row.
Row Ending HTML HTML added directly after the link row.

Manage Upgrades

Upgrades are link effects which have been purchased or manually assigned to a link. You can view all upgrades and add your own upgrades from phpLinkBid Admin > Link Effects > Manage Upgrades.

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For general help and to discuss Link Effects with other phpLinkBid users visit the Link Effects Forum.

For technical problems or bugs visit our online support.

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