Directory Of The Month

Every month phpLinkBid honors one directory with our Directory Of The Month Award. The DOTM is awarded to directories displaying excellence in directory Webmastership.


Directory Of The Month is being re-launched soon!

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Presented for excellence in directory Webmastership

What Distinguishes The DOTM?

phpLinkBid Directory Of The Month is only awarded to directories that stand out in terms of quality and excellence in Webmastership. A Directory Of The Month exhibits excellence in the following areas:

  1. Quality and uniqueness
  2. Strong promotion efforts on behalf of the Webmaster
  3. Outstanding design and/or customizations
  4. Honesty and upstanding business practices
  5. The owner's commitment to the directory

No single factor sets a truly qualified DOTM apart - it is the distinct combination of these factors that defines excellence in phpLinkBid directory Webmastership.

The DOTM Rules & Selection Criteria describe our selection process in detail.

Entering Your Directory For DOTM Award

See the Directory Of The Month Forums for the latest nominations.

Previous DOTM Winners

Our past Directory Of The Month winners take a permanent place in our Hall Of Fame! These sites have all been awarded DOTM by phpLinkBid in past months.

DOTM February, 2009 BusinessMoz
DOTM January, 2009 iLinkMarket
DOTM December, 2008 Europe Bid Directory
DOTM November, 2008
DOTM October, 2008 Epic Urls
DOTM September, 2008 Bid Up Links
DOTM August, 2008 Link Bid Guide

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