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How We Select DOTM

Each month we consider all nominations for Directory Of The Month based on certain criteria.

Our selection criteria focus on exemplary performance in directory Webmastership - not factors like budget, PageRank or daily uniques. A DOTM is the kind of directory that we want to advertise on, that we know you will want to advertise on, and that we believe are a benefit to the phpLinkBid community and the Web itself.

DOTM Rules

There are some clear rules that prohibit certain sites from being nominated or considered:

  1. Must be a registered, licensed phpLinkBid directory.
  2. No illegal, warez, or adult oriented directories, or directories linking to such sites.
  3. Spyware & junkware free. No auto-installers, spyware solicitations, or related advertising.

As long as your site meets the DOTM Rules, you can be considered for the award.

DOTM Selection Criteria

Here are the specific criteria for the DOTM selection process.

  1. Quality and uniqueness
  2. Strong promotion efforts on behalf of the Webmaster
  3. Outstanding design and/or customizations
  4. Honesty and upstanding business practices
  5. The owner's commitment to the directory

The following are things we do not consider when selecting the DOTM.

  1. Number or size of bids
  2. PageRank, Alexa, or other calculated ranking systems
  3. The specific category/niche of the directory (unless it violates DOTM Rule #2)

Questions or comments? Visit the DOTM Forums to discuss the DOTM.