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phpAdsBlu was modified by 1nspire using the phpBizBlue theme. Permissions to modify this theme and make available for public use, were provided by phpLinkBid. Like wise with the phpBizBlue theme no design footer links are required.

This theme comes packaged with 2 versions. Each version has updated files to support Link Effects. You do not need ALS or Link Effects to use this theme. If ALS or Link Effects are installed on your server simply upload the theme file to your tpl folder and select the theme in your admin panel. The theme will not need any modifications for ALS or Link Effects. Do Not Upload default ALS or Link Effects .tpl and .css files to this theme or it may change the layout of the theme.

OK, time for the good stuff. This is a 3 column theme that takes advantage of all the perks that phpLinkBid has to offer. ALS, Link Effects, Thumbnail Images, plus the added Ad blocks. Though it is not recommended you can easily incorporate Adsense into this theme. The Ad Blocks were designed to either promote other directories that you own or sell the Ad Space.

Please view the Read Me file before installing. If you have any questions please use the forum.

Rated 4/5 with 10 Votes
Rated 4/5 with 10 Votes
Features Compatibility Author
3 columns, Fixed width v1.4, ALS 1nspire
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